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carpet installation

carpet installation

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Also included is tear out and disposal of your old carpet


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Stringer Stairs

stringer stairs

Starting step or Bullnose
Where stairs are open on one or both sides, the first step above the lower floor may be wider than the other steps and rounded. The balusters typically form a semicircle around the circumference of the rounded portion and the handrail has a horizontal spiral called a “volute” that supports the top of the balusters. Besides the cosmetic appeal, starting steps allow the balusters to form a wider, more stable base for the end of the handrail. Handrails that simply end at a post at the foot of the stairs can be less sturdy, even with a thick post. A double bullnose can be used when both sides of the stairs are open.
Stringer, Stringer board or sometimes just String
The structural member that supports the treads and risers. There are typically two stringers, one on either side of the stairs; though the treads may be supported many other ways. The stringers are sometimes notched so that the risers and treads fit into them. Stringers on open-sided stairs are often open themselves so that the treads are visible from the side. Such stringers are called “cut” stringers. Stringers on a closed side of the stairs are closed, with the support for the treads routed into the stringer.

Hollywood Stairs



Hollywood stairs

Hollywood style carpet is stair runner and they are soft and comforting and have good friction. To install Hollywood style carpet on Stairsmeasure the stair width and that of the runner and get the difference. Put a tackles strip on the stair and the first runner. Stick the carpet pad on the stair laying it upside down on a straight line and smooth the runner.

Cap Stairs


cap stairs

cap stairs



cap stairs

cap stairs

Cup Stairs
A stair that has one open side and railing posts on it is known as a cap stair.
It has the same measurements for the tread and riser as a box stair (combined 18″).
You will need 4′ of carpet to cover the width, to allow the carpet to flow through the posts and wrap around the outside of the stair.
If your stair is open with a railing on both sides of it (a double cap) you will need 5′ of carpet to cover the width.
Pie Stair

The cap and band method is preferred by installers, because the pieces of carpet are easier to handle than one continuous piece as in the waterfall method. Each piece of carpet covers one tread and one adjacent riser. The piece extends the width of the stair to the walls or railing on either side. If done properly, the carpeting should look continuous like the waterfall installation. However, although this installation is easier, removal of the stair carpet is more difficult, because it requires removal of carpet from each individual stair. However, it is more secure and safe to walk on, because the carpet is firmly attached to each stair. Replacement of one damaged piece of stair carpet is also easier to replace than replacing a continuous piece of carpet from the entire staircase. The padding is measured to cover the tread of each individual stair and extends to cover three inches of the riser below it before the carpet is applied.

Boxs Stairs


Box Stairs

Box Stairs

Bosx Stairs A box stair¬†is straight, has no railing posts, and is closed in on all sides. It is typically slightly less than 3′ wide. The usual allowance for the tread (the flat part you step on) is 10″, and 8″ for the riser (the back of the stair). Therefore, for every box stair, you require 3′ x 18″ of carpet.

Runner Stairs

Runner Stairs
Name: Ruuner Sairs
9 TO 13 Steps
Install Time: 2 Hour

Included: Carpet, underpad, installation

Price $400